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Helen Wright

Helen Wright is the founder of 9-2-3, an award-winning recruitment agency specialising in flexible roles.

Helen founded the business in 2015 following a revelation one afternoon in her local playground, when she was chatting to other mums: accountants, solicitors, HR, finance, marketing and sales professionals… and realised that here was a bunch of over-talented women all desperate to work, but being held back by the tired, outdated, and unchallenged conventions of the 9-5. An idea started to form, and 9-2-3 was born! 

She started out with a notepad and phone at her kitchen table, coupled with a desire to really disrupt the restrictive status quo that governs working hours, and stifles productivity and creativity. Life is juggling act for all of us – childcare, family, finances, studying, running a household, hobbies - and our time is a precious commodity. Working flexibly gives everyone the opportunity to contribute, be fulfilled and productive, in a way that accommodates life’s unpredictabilities - and benefits business.

9-2-3 now employs 15 people, with offices in Tackley (Oxfordshire) and Manchester.